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In the most concise way, hrpgheaven.com is the #1 community regarding rpg maker hentai games regardless if you're a developer, gamer, translator or anything else, whatever you seek we have it and in more abundance than anywhere else.

We have the best translators, the best coders and some of the best developers in the scene, we have created the most content that is used in the rpg maker hentai community, translations, bug fixes, programs, walkthroughs, game expansions, etc. and we have been around for nearly a decade and we are the community that most people wish they could be a part of but most can't, with thousand of applications on a daily basis.

Why do we reject people? Well, we're not like Harvard and other colleges that reject people for the sake of rejecting, for elitism or exclusivity, we reject people because the average Joe from a public forum is rather unpleasant to have a conversation with and most of the times he can act however he wants with no fear of bans or repercussions easily making a new account if they get banned. While many see that in a negative way, it has worked for us for this long, it has prevented leaks of our work, it has prevented major flame wars, and we intend to keep it that way, mature.

Other than that, we play games together as a community, we help each other as a community, we treat each other with respect and we discuss every day topics such as music, anime, general trivia, everything that you wish to discuss, all that as tight knit community that is relatively small by choice, quality over quantity.

We're also the creators of Heaven Studios (LINK).

Any questions you might have, feel free to send them to admin@hrpgheaven.com
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