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Disclaimer and how to patch a game

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 11:07 am
by Starke
We do not illegally share games with the public. All that we provide is the data folder which has to be applied directly on the game which means, you need to own the game in order to use the translation.

If you are the author (obviously, you need to prove it) of any of the games we share translations for, and you don't want a translation accessible for it, please let us know and we will remove the link immediately as we respect your wishes and intellectual property.

How to patch a game:

1) Download an extractor tool if you don't already have one, you can find it HERE

2) Download a copy of the game you want to apply the patch to (obviously), usually it is the latest version.

3) Extract the Data file, depending on the version of rpgmaker the game was made it is it will have a different file name but in most cases it's "Game.rgss2" or "Game.rgss3". If in doubt, generally it's the largest file.

4) Extract the contents of that file to the game folder. You should then have a folder with "Game.exe" an "Audio" folder, a "Data" folder and a "Graphics" folder as well as a few other things.

5) Move or delete (move is probably better, make a backup) the original data file.

6) Extract the contents of the patch to your game folder and confirm any overwrite boxes that pop up.

7) Enjoy your patched/translated game!